Types of Skin Defects

6. healed scars peccary leather

Healed Scars

 These are old battle wounds and bite marks. Healed scars have closed grain and they are perceptible on the surface of the skins.
3. cuts peccary leather

Open Scars and Cuts

Open scars and cuts are wounds that were fresh and unhealed on the skin. These types of defects have open grain, and typically cannot be included in the cutting area.

2. bullet holes peccary leather

Bullet Holes

These are holes made from the bullets of subsistence hunting.

7. hole peccary leather


Usually occur from scars or cuts that opened up during the tanning process due to the mechanical action of the drum’s rotation. Also, holes can happen as a result of poor skinning technique.

9. wide center hole peccary leather

Wide center holes

These holes are the result of the body grease of the animal and the tanning process in the drums that makes them open up sometimes. Other times, it’s just a big defect on the center with an uneven surface.

10. wide center holes peccary leather

Grain damage

This damage can be caused by improper raw skin preservation and care. It may also occur from poor tanning techniques

11. parasites peccary leather


These defects are tiny round holes in the skin. They are a result of parasites present in the skin before the tanning process. 

4. freckles peccary leather


Some skins may present freckles. Some more than others but they don’t represent a big problem in the dyeing process. Freckles are not considered a defect.