Peccary Leather

We only work with the finest materials, that’s why we only sell Peccary leather.
Amazonian wild hog. Very exotic and luxurious.

It can be used for gloves, shoes, garments, and accessories industries.
We offer superior quality for Luxury products and accessories.

All our Peccary leathers come with CITES certification.


We offer both species of peccary mixed in a regular order: 80%/20%:

  • Gray hair peccary: is thinner, not as textured, and is usually used for gloves and small leather accessories.
  • Black hair peccary: is thicker, harder and is usually used for shoes.


  • Size: 4.5 – 5.5 sf
  • Thickness: 1.1 – 1.3 mm
  • All colors, but mainly: Black, brown, cork, beige.
  • Finishings: Gloves, shoes, garments, accessories and upholstery
  • Characteristics: Soft and spongy
  • Uses: Luxury products and accessories.


The peccary is a wild animal and the quality varies from batch to batch.

It is for this reason that every regular batch we sell is made up of:

  • 10% 1st grade (5-6 hands)
  • 20% 2nd grade (4-5 hands)
  • 30% 3rd grade (3-4 hands)
  • 40% 4th grade (2-3 hands)


Grade I

Grade II

Grade III

Grade IV

Colored skins