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MAPCOM SAC is a Peruvian company specialized in processing and exporting peccary leather. We only work with the best skins and use the highest quality products to get high standard finishes that designers, glove makers, luxury brands and tanneries require. MAPCOM is a socially responsible company. We acquire peccary leather from sustainable subsistence hunting.

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We only work with the finest materials, that’s why we only sell Peccary.
Amazonian wild hog.
Very exotic and luxurious.
It can be used for garments, bags, and accessories.
We offer superior quality for Luxury garments, gloves and accessories. All our leathers come with CITES certification.

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The manufacture of our gloves is very high quality. We start with a leather treatment to make it more flexible and elastic, then we cut the leather, and stitch them one by one.
All are handmade.
Our skilled craftsmen take an average of 6 hours to make a single pair of gloves. All our gloves come with CITES certification.

 (51-1) 279-2129

 Jr. Ismael Bielich 705 Of. 502.
Lima 33, Peru