Our Company

We are MAPCOM SAC, a Peruvian Leather Company specialized in Peccary. As you know, Peccary is one of the softest and finest exotic leather in the world, and we are the primary source of peccary leather. We buy raw skin from the jungle, process and export the leather, so you are getting the best quality at the most competitive price. We started our business in 2004 under the name EULISES SAC, after a successful 6 years, we decided to change associates and become in Leather Corporation SAC in 2010. A company solely dedicated at the peccary leather commercialization and the by-products like gloves, wallets and small accessories. In 2018, we changed our name to MAPCOM SAC, and became exporters of these products worldwide, offering new services of customization and a new range of colors for our leathers. Today, we are exporters of peccary leather mainly to the European market but you can find our products in Asia and North America as well. We are specialized in the wholesale of peccary leather in Chrome Crust and colored. Also, in the wholesale of peccary leather gloves to countries like: Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Romania among others.

European Market and Peccary

  • Peccary leather has been bought since a long time ago from different South American countries but Peru is the only one with Certification CITES for this species in the world.
  • Peccary leather is known for this luxury and softness in the European market which is why the most sought after leather in countries like Germany, Hungary and France.
  • Our current clients include companies (tanneries, wholesalers, manufacturers and brands) that have been operating for a long time in this industry and usually with some family tradition or history.

Why Choose To Do Business With Our Company?

Benefits of ordering with us:

  • We only work with the finest material, that’s why we only sell peccary. Amazonian wild hog. Very exotic and luxurious. It can be used for garments, bags and accessories industries. We offer superior quality for luxury garments, gloves and accessories. All our leathers come with CITES certification.
  • The manufacture of our gloves is very high quality. We start with a leather treatment to make it more flexible and elastic, then we cut the leather, and stitch them one by one. All are handmade. Our skilled craftsmen take an average of 6 hours to make a single pair of gloves. All our gloves come with CITES certification.

Fairs and Trade Shows

Fair Le Cuir A Paris
Tokyo Leather Fair