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Similarities and Differences Between Peccary and Carpincho (Capybara)

There’s a lot of exotic leathers over there but certainly, two of the most exotic and sought after are Peccary leather and Carpincho (Capybara) leather. Both are very soft, spongy and unique. Glove makers around the world prefer them for their premium gloves.

Today we will tell you some of the characteristics of both species that make them so unique.


Peccary Leather Gloves: The Complete Guide

Leather gloves have been around for centuries and typically an accessory that has become a necessity.  In winter, we use them primarily to protect our hands and its digits. Whether it is for the cold wind or if you are a stylish person, they are a fashion accessory. Whatever is the reason why you have them or are thinking of buying some peccary leather gloves, we can assure you they are an investment and we’ll tell you how to buy them here.


How To Recognize Genuine Peccary Leather From Fake Peccary Leather

High-end accessories are pretty much in demand these days and people are getting really particular about high-quality fashion. Recently, an article in a newspaper was published and its title was Real Leather Versus Fake Leather and with the expertise of very well respected fashion experts sharing important points to keep in mind while checking whether a leather product is real or fake.


Peccary Leather Vs Carpincho Leather: How To Distinguish Them

There are too many types of leathers in the market. From cowhides to exotics, all of them have five classifications: Full grain or top grain leather, corrected or embossed grain, split suede, nubuck suede grain and, reconstituted, bonded or fiber leather. Today we are going to talk about two exotic leather that are very similar in appearance but also they couldn’t be more different between them.


Peccary Species And How Important Is CITES For Sustainability

The peccary family, (family Tayassuidae), also called javelin or javelina, consist of three species of piglike mammal found in the deserts of the United States and through the Amazon in South America. Their resemblance is of wild pigs like Boars but peccaries have a dark coarse hair and a large head with a circular snout. The ears are small, as is the tail, which is generally not visible.


Appearance, Advantages and Disadvantages Of Peccary Leather

About its appearance, which is the most recognized characteristic of all, they have visible hair pores in groups of three. Is because of this, that some manufacturers prefer to use only leather from the animal’s back. This results in the leather having a characteristic look, with all the follicles being horizontal. The leather also has a gleaming look.


What Is Peccary Leather? All You Need To Know

The term “peccary” originates from the indigenous Brazilian Tupi language and roughly describes “an animal that treads many paths in the forest” but also is derived from the Carib word pakira or paquira. In Portuguese, a peccary is called pecari, porco-do-mato, queixada, or tajaçu, among other names; in Spanish, “javelina”, jabalí, sajino, or pecarí; in French Guiana and Suriname, pakira.