What Is Peccary Leather? All You Need To Know


Peccary is one of the most luxurious and softest kinds of leather in the world. Peccary leather is widely used in Europe and America in luxurious accessories like gloves and wallets. But where does it come from?

What Is Peccary and Where Does It Come From?

The term “peccary” originates from the indigenous Brazilian Tupi language and roughly describes “an animal that treads many paths in the forest” but also is derived from the Carib word pakira or paquira. In Portuguese, a peccary is called pecari, porco-do-mato, queixada, or tajaçu, among other names; in Spanish, “javelina”, jabalí, sajino, or pecarí; in French Guiana and Suriname, pakira. Due to the free life in nature, the leather often has scars and other defects, which should be regarded as an authenticity feature. Peccaries are Amazonian wild hogs. They are medium size mammals that belong to the pig family. These creatures have a range of 90 to 130 centimeters (35 to 52 inches) in length and usually, they weight varies from 20 to 40 kilos (44 to 88 pounds), Peccaries can be found in Central and South America as well as southwestern North America.

The only species that is protected is the Chacoan,  leaving several species available for meat and skins like the Sajinos and Huanganas. They are wild animals, so they are not raised on farms, but hunted for their hides. The best hides come from wild peccaries in Peru.


The legal hunting of peccaries is strictly controlled by CITES guidelines, ensuring that they are not overhunted. This means that the peccary leather, if sourced legally (Peru is the only country with CITES certificates for this animal), is sustainable and will not harm the environment. This also ensures that the supply of peccary hides is restricted, thus making it more valuable.

Peccary Leather And Their Uses

As we said before, Peccary leather is valuable but also, is prized for its durability, elasticity and soft grainy surface characterized by hair follicles in groups of three.

Regarding their uses, Peccary is used for valuable gloves due to its suppleness but it is also a popular source of food because of its aromatic meat. Usually, this meat is consumed by the people who hunt them for food and indigenous but in Peru, there are some restaurants that offer this exotic plate.




  • The skin is very supple and has an incomparable softness.
  • It is also leather that, over time, develops a fabulous patina.
  • The softness of the skin allows for a unique fit and comfort.

Fun Fact

Did you know that Peccary leather is the only washable leather? You can wash them with soap from Marseille and dry them away from any source of heat. Then try them on regularly to restore their original shape.

Uses Of Peccary Leather

This kind of leather is hard-wearing and it’s often treated with care. One of the popular uses is seen in peccary gloves, which can last a lifetime. Also, because the material is so tough and strong, it is difficult to damage gloves made from peccary leather through normal usage. Other uses for this leather are in luxury accessories like wallets and keychains, shoes and garments.