Similarities and Differences Between Peccary and Carpincho (Capybara)

carpincho species

There’s a lot of exotic leathers over there but certainly, two of the most exotic and sought after are Peccary leather and Carpincho (Capybara) leather. Both are very soft, spongy and unique. Glove makers around the world prefer them for their premium gloves.

Today we will tell you some of the characteristics of both species that make them so unique.

Similarities Between Peccary and Carpincho


As we have previously stated in our blogs, Peccary leather is one of the softest and rare types of leather in the market which makes it really exotic and one of the favorites for the gloves makers worldwide.

  • Peccaries are found in the wild, living in the jungle, which means their leather will have marks and little scuffs that are not seen as defects but as a sign of quality and wild origin. On the other part, Carpincho is also found in the wild, in areas where water is easily accessible: flooded grasslands are a favored habitat, as are marsh edges and lowland forests where grazing is good and there is water year-round.
  • Capybaras are the largest of rodents, weighing from 35 to 66 kg and standing up to 0.6 meters at the shoulder, with a length of about 1.2 meters. Peccary’s weight is around 14 to 31 kg and standing up to 0.50 meters at the shoulder with a length of 1.05 meters.
  • Peccary leather and Carpincho leather are very soft, unique and exotic. Both have a group of hair follicles very distinctive in their leather that give them a very exotic look.

Differences Between Peccary and Carpincho


  • Peccary Leather is only obtained from sustainable subsistence hunting while Carpincho leather is only obtained from certified farm-raise.
  • Peccary leather is very soft and with a very subtle texture while Carpincho leather resembles a suede kind of leather.
  • Peccary products and leather are only exported by Peru under the CITES certificate while Carpincho products are required to be certificated and proven as ‘farm-raised’.
  • Peccary is protected by CITES and Carpincho is not listed as an endangered species so it’s not regulated by CITES.