How To Recognize Genuine Peccary Leather From Fake Peccary Leather

High-end accessories are pretty much in demand these days and people are getting really particular about high-quality fashion. Recently, an article in a newspaper was published and its title was Real Leather Versus Fake Leather and with the expertise of very well respected fashion experts sharing important points to keep in mind while checking whether a leather product is real or fake. Let’s learn today 5 smart and easy ways to recognize genuine peccary leather from fake leather.

1. Texture Of Leather


The quickest way is to check whether the texture is wrinkled or pulled by applying pressure. The real peccary leather will always show a change in texture, even when you stretch them you could see the changes and how they return to their initial length after stretching whereas a fake one would look the same even on application of pressure.

2. Scratches And Creases Are A Good Sign!

That’s right! If your leather product has imperfections like scratches and creases, it is 100% real leather. With Peccary leather this tip is really important because it increases the value of the leather. As you know by now, Peccary leather comes from wild hogs which makes it as exotic as luxurious. So, don’t forget to look for those imperfections!

3. The Grouped Holes Of The Hair Pores

Peccary has a characteristic group of 3 holes of hair follicles in no particular pattern, while fake peccary leather follows a pattern.

4. Real Leather Has No Plastic – Chemical Odour

Faux leather will always have a weird plastic/chemical odor that comes from it whereas genuine peccary leather has a rustic typical odor.

5. Genuine Leather Is Long Lasting!

Good Quality leather has a life span of nearly 10 years whereas fake leather products are unable to last more than a season. Between the genuine peccary leather characteristics are: durability, softness, and that they are luxurious. Also, the leather can breathe for comfort and ventilates to adjust to the environment. Leather is constantly adjusting to its environment. It is cool to the touch but will adjust to your body temperature within 10 – 15 seconds. That’s how you know you are in the presence of real Peccary leather and not faux leather.