Appearance, Advantages and Disadvantages Of Peccary Leather


In our previous post, we have talked about the peccary as a wild Amazonian animal and some of its characteristics. But today we want to tell you about the most recognizable characteristic and advantages and disadvantages of peccary leather. About its appearance, which is the most recognized characteristic of all, they have visible hair pores in groups of three. Is because of this, that some manufacturers prefer to use only leather from the animal’s back. This results in the leather having a characteristic look, with all the follicles being horizontal. The leather also has a gleaming look.

Advantages of Peccary Leather



  • When we purchase some peccary leather products such as gloves, we can be sure we are buying what is considered the most luxurious and very fashionable leather product in the market.
  • Peccary leather accessories are long-lasting and will be worth the extra money we pay for it. You won’t have to buy a new pair of gloves to replace the old ones because of this leather durability.
  • Is not only comfortable and soft, but also it will grow softer in time. The more you wear it the softer it will be.

Disadvantages Of Peccary Leather



  • Although peccary leather is a beautiful and highly-functional material, products made from peccary leather do require some care to keep them looking good and to maintain the fit. This caring could be tedious and should be done very carefully but we will tell you how to care for them later.
  • It is also somewhat expensive compared to other commonly used leathers, but this also makes it more exclusive
  • It is used in gloves and small accessories and shoes but it’s not recommended for furniture and other uses where a thicker leather is required.

How to Care for Peccary

In order to ensure that your peccary gloves continue to give you great service for many years, you should take care of them by following some simple rules. Do not lubricate the gloves, except for on the palm, which might be showing signs of drying out after a year of use.

Try not to get them wet, since the grain is sensitive to moisture. In case they get wet, place the gloves on a towel and let them dry naturally without any heating. Another piece of advice is to try to leave a day between wearing your peccary gloves and alternate between two pairs.

To wash them, use a slightly wet soft cloth, clean all the surface and apply a lubricant with a dry soft cloth after they had dried from the cleaning. Let them get dry and always stored in a place without humid.